Things to know about intuitive graphics

What you should know about intuitive graphics?

When it comes to intuitive graphics or intuitive design you should know that this term describes designs that are easy to use. This means that the user manages to understand and use a design pretty fast and without thinking about how to do it. This is why this type of design is described as an “intuitive design”.

There isn’t a standard definition when it comes to this term, but some research groups have worked towards building the term known as “intuitive design”. The fact is that intuition is not a feature of the design. It is a characteristic of the interaction between the user and the design or the graphics. If you want to see if a design is intuitive, you should think about who will use the design.

Where are these graphics used?

The intuitive graphics are appreciated a lot by children. This is why for example if a device can be used by a child it is an intuitive one. Intuitive graphics are also used in modern art and l’Art Tabira takes advantage of these graphics. This page is all about creating and using imagination to make beautiful pieces of art.

There are a few principles that make the graphics intuitive and these principles are used in different domains. For some people, it may seem that these designs are intuitive and for other people, these designs don’t seem as intuitive at all. In a specific goal or context, the intuitive graphics are intuitively usable to the degree the user can interact with it effectively.   The designer needs to keep this in mind when he is creating something intuitive to satisfy the user experience. The designer needs to know to target the audience and make the item so it can stand out.

How can you create intuitive graphics?

There are a few things that a designer should take into consideration when it comes to these types of graphics:

–         The target audience’s culture

–         The industry background

–         The ease of use

The connection between Intuition and Experience

Design isn’t intuitive by magic because when we are experiencing an intuitive design we feel this way because we encountered something like it before. After our birth, we experience the physical environment and learn fundamentals regarding physical objects. We learn from physical objects every day. Humans also grow up in a cultural environment which consists of language, symbols, and even metaphors. There are localized and the fact is that they are more unstable than the physical environment. We encounter these cultural artifacts quite often and when it comes to some of them we encounter occasionally.

The cultural and physical environment plays a fundamental role in our life when it comes to the expectations and understanding of the world. All psychologists say that humans have learned how to do different things in different stages of their life. Some of the things we know we learn when we are newborns. Some of the things we learn when we are adults.

We do this through hard study as we grow older. The first time we learn something is a conscious action and as we are seeing as we are growing up, actions turn into operations. This is the reason why we can perform without considering them. These actions are the intuitive actions we are talking about here.

All of the interface designs are built by considering the user and it is based on the user’s physical and also cultural environment. The user can rely on his experience with the physical environment to understand the properties of the objects he interfaces with. We usually take advantage of both icons and text. We also experience different things based on the cultural environment we are born in.

How to think about intuitive graphics?

When it comes to creating intuitive graphics, everyone would think about two things. The first thing that should come to mind is the user and the question “Who is my user and what is his previous experience with related products?” Based on this question, it is quite easy to think of an intuitive graphic that will captivate the user. Even though at times the design may not appear to be as intuitive as it could be, experienced users may find it intuitive and this is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to this one.

Another important question that usually comes to mind when it comes to intuitive design is “What is the current state of the art?” You should think if the design already exists and if it does, you should consider some other things. A design can be quite widespread and if this is the case then you should consider some interaction principles when it comes to it. Try to choose the solution that relies the most on experience the physical world and this way you can make some great intuitive graphics for users to enjoy.

One object which has an intuitive design is the hammer. The weight and also the shape of the hammer make it easy to use and it is a great inspiration. At the same time, this object is also considered to be a culturally developed artifact. The QUERTY keyboard is another object which is considered to have an intuitive design. Everyone can easily take advantage of it and the design is intuitive and easy to understand.

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