Photography elements – rules in photography

There aren’t any fixed rules in photography, but you should know something about the rules that are quite common.

Rule of thirds

One of the most known rules in photography is the rule of thirds. Doing so will create a balance in the image. Some cameras even offer you this option in the settings so you should just look for this option. After you find it, you can start using it out to take some great photos.

Balancing the elements rules

Placing your main subject off-center is a great idea because it creates a much more interesting story. This can leave a void which may leave the photo feel empty.

Patterns and symmetry

Symmetry and patterns are always around us and the best part about them is the fact that they can make a very eye-catching composition. You can use them to break the symmetry or pattern in some way. This is a great idea for an interesting looking photo.

The viewpoint rules

Make sure to always know everything before shooting your subject. You should think about where you will shoot your subject from. Our viewpoint is really important when it comes to making some great photos and you should always consider that.

Rather than shooting from eye level, you should consider photographing from above and down to the ground level. You can shoot from the side, from the back, and even from long away. It is just up to you and your imagination to make the best photo.

Focus on the background

You should look around for a plain background and compose your shot based on it. This way there wonît be anything distracting from your main subject and the photo will be great.

Framing rules

Don’t forget about framing, The world is full of objects which can turn out to be some great frames for your picture.

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