I was the first to photograph the cycling tour in 2007. At that time it was fashionable to have a digital camera compared to a classic camera. I went with the cyclists and photographed them for 7 days. For me it was a photographic dream come true. It’s very hard to be connected for 7 days, moments when you can’t be with your loved ones. A TV commentator said that it is harder to be a reporter compared to cyclists. I was the official photographer for a cycling team and it was great. We arrived on a route that is listed among the most beautiful routes in Europe, namely Transfagarasan. I was a photographer for 7 days when I learned a lot about cycling. Daplici among all the activities of the photographer was probably the most beautiful experience. You travel, you develop your hobby, you earn money, you meet new people through the cities where you stop and much more. What if I went one more time? the answer is yes. The process by which you could be accepted as a photographer in the cycling tour is a difficult one but not impossible to achieve. It is advisable to have a motorbike from which to take photos because it simplifies your job. This type of photography is part of sports photography and requires very expensive photo equipment. You need a camera that can focus very quickly.

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