Creating music – How you can start creating?

You should know that when it comes to creating music, there are a lot of resources and programs which you can choose from and you will see that it will be pretty easy to start creating the songs you would like.

Get the right gear when creating music

First of all, you should get the right gear in order to create the perfect songs. You can choose between multiple digital audio workstations to write, record and also edit and export songs. You can use Garage Band or Logic Pro on Mac if you want the easiest experience. If you want to go more advanced, you can try out FL Studio, Pro Tools or even Cubase.

You should also buy a condenser microphone and stand to record vocals and even live instruments. Condenser microphones can easily capture high-quality audio and can be used in most home studios. You can also get an audio interface to connect instruments and also mics to a computer. As a beginner, you can try out a high-end audio interface for 100$. If you aren’t using liver instruments or a microphone, than you don’t need to use an audio interface.

Listening to your songs

Make sure to have some great headphones in order to listen to your songs clearly. You can choose headphones with a cord so you don’t lose any audio when you are listening.

When you are mixing a song, it is important to select monitors and speakers which create the mix of your song. Mount the studio monitors on stands so they are ear-leveled. By doing so, you can hear them clearly. A lot of studio monitors cost around 100$ or more, but if you decide to buy yourself an expensive monitor, that will also do the work well. If you can’t afford studio monitors, than you can just user your headphones.

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