Best newspapers from across the world

There are a few newspapers brands which you can consider when it comes to find new and true news about the world.

Best newspapers – The New York Times

This is probably the most known newspaper in U.S and even in the world and you should know that this newspaper has a progressive view of the world. NYT includes the classic elements of journalism and has great ethical standards which keeps it the top favorite source of news for people in the U.S and even in the world.

Best newspapers – The Wall Street Journal

This is a business newspaper which was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 2007. It is one of the best known newspapers about business news but today it also focuses on general news too. It has even earned some Pulitzer Prizes for editorials because of the great arguments which these editorials have.

The Washington Post

This newspaper is known for the reporting of the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s which led to the leave of President Richard Nixon. It has also earned multiple Pulitzer Prizes.


BBC is the world standard for excellence in broadcast radio and TV journalism. It also features a lot of documentaries and news programs with a lot of energy. A part of its news come from re-reporting news from the New York Times and also Associated Press.

The Economist

This British export consists of excellent news about economics and the journalists produce some tightly-edited news pieces. The thing about this news source is that it usually doesn’t offer you the info about who has written a given piece and this is why it is hard to tell so.

The New Yorker

This newspaper consists in sophisticated narrative from top writers and also from reporters. It is currently smartly expanding its audience on the web and offers great content.

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